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Terms and Discounts

  • Payment

    For first-time customers, orders must be prepaid (company check), credit card or COD for the first few orders. Make checks and money orders payable to Cold Cut Distribution. We accept Visa and Mastercard, but there is a difference in discount for credit card transactions. As a general rule, credit cards are recommended for small orders (less than a couple hundred dollars), CODs are recommended for larger orders, and pre-payment is only recommended if you are not in a hurry. Call the Cold Cut for details on using credit cards.

    After you have established a history of ordering, you may choose to change your terms to "Net 7 days" or "Net 14 days" -- which means payment is due by company check 7 or 14 days after you receive your order. Please call Cold Cut if you are interested in Net payment terms.

  • Minimum Order

    Minimum order is $25 retail value. There is no minimum on the quantity of each item you order.

  • Discount Levels

    Effective August 19, 2006, our discount structure has changed! Previously, we offered a "tiered" discount structure, where the larger your order, the larger your discount. Effective immediately, we are eliminating all discount tiers, and everything is now offered at a flat-rate discount, regardless of the size of your order. Now, everything is available at the best possible discount, all the time!

    The discounts on all items ranges between 40% and 50% off the retail price, depending upon the product and the publisher. Different publishers are available at different discount levels, for example:

    Discount Offered Publishers
    50% offSlave Labor Graphics, Fantagraphics trade paperbacks, Bongo Comics, Top Shelf Productions, Antarctic Press, Abstract Studios, AiT/Planetlar, Dork Storm, Broadsword, Airship Entertainment, Viper Comics, and many more. Most items in our catalog are offered at this discount level.
    45% offDrawn and Quarterly, Fantagraphics comic book issues, NBM Publishing, Little Brown and Company, Last Gasp, Aardvark-Vanaheim, Harper Collins, Heavy Metal, Chronicle Books, and more.
    42% offViz Media graphic novels.
    40% offGraphitti Designs t-shirts, Andrews McMeel, Orion Books, Paper Tiger, TwoMorrows Publishing, Pantheon Books, and more.

    Some items (such as supplies) may also be offered at a "Net" price, where the price displayed is the amount charged -- no discount.

    You can find the discount offered on each item by checking our Online Catalog, our Weekly Update, or our Online Inventory file.

    Prices in the Catalog are based on publisher's listed retail prices. Prices are/or discount subject to change without notice, such as when a publisher reprints an item at a different cover price.

  • Shipping Costs

    If the retail value of your order is less than $2000, then the cost of shipping is the exact amount charged by UPS -- there are no additional surcharges.

    If the retail value of your order is over $2000 (based on the amount of the order filled, not on the amount ordered), then we pay for 90% of the shipping cost! For example, if it costs $100 to ship your order, we pay for $90 of that amount.

    For customers who place orders frequently, and would like to receive this 90% shipping credit, we do offer what is called a "rolling discount" plan, where you would receive the 90% shipping credit regardless of the size of your order. This "rolling discount" plan is intended for customers who plan on ordering $3000-retail-value or more per month (but not all at once). For more information, please call Cold Cut.

  • Shipments to a residential address (as defined by UPS) will be charged an additional UPS residential delivery fee of $1.75 per box.

  • COD shipping also available for additional fee of $8.50 per shipment.

  • All orders are shipped by UPS ground unless requested otherwise. UPS 2-day and 3-day shipments are available (at a much higher cost), and ground/air mail through the US Post Office is also available on special request.

  • For international shipments, we can ship by UPS or through the US Postal Service (by air or by ground). For international shipments, we charge the exact cost charged by the freight company. For small international orders (1 box), we recommend US air mail (expensive by takes only a few days) or US ground mail (cheaper by may take weeks). For medium and large international orders (several boxes), we recommend using a Freight Forwarder for delivery. You may use a Freight Forwarder of your choice, or you may contact our office for a list of freight forwarders with whom we currently do business.

  • Orders are shipped within 3 business days of receipt, unless requested otherwise. Advance orders or back orders are also accepted; call Cold Cut for details.

  • Certification

    A copy of a business license or resale certificate (required for California retailers) is needed for your first order - we don't want to sell to your retail customers by mistake!

  • Credit cards

    Retailers may choose to pay by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. The discount for credit card orders is 2% lower than the discount on cash and check payments. (This is waived for non-US customers).

  • Backorders and Special Orders

    Orders for items not in stock at the time of your order is shipped will be cancelled unless you specifically requested that they be back-ordered. We can backorder any item normally carried by Cold Cut, and we can keep it on backorder for any length of time you choose. If you wish to have any or all out-of-stock items backordered, please let us know at the time you place your order.

  • Damaged items

    Damaged merchandise must be reported within 7 days of receipt. Full credit and/or replacements are offered for all damaged merchandise.

Contact Information

Most retailers prefer to place orders online using our online ordering system, or by phone, since in most cases it's possible to confirm the availability of items on the spot (we cannot offer invoice totals immediately, however - we must first pull and confirm the presence of the items on the order). You may also fax, mail, or e-mail us an order:

  Cold Cut Distribution
  220 N. Main St.
  Salinas  CA  93901

  phone: 831-751-7300
  fax:   831-751-1513
Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Pacific time (12:30 pm - 8:30 pm Eastern time), but is closed on most holidays.

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