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Scenes From The Small Press - Mainstream Raw DVD

By Club 408 Graphics and Rich Henn
2-Hour DVD
$29.95 Retail Price, [F] discount

  • Description: In March 2001, Rich Henn began a journey through film to document some of the best creative forces in independent and self-publishing, and their works from cradle to grave. Over the next several months, some of the finest interviews and one-of-a-kind moments have been captured on film -- from Frank Miller to Dave Sim, from Colleen Doran to Carla Speed McNeil, from Joe Quesada to Terry Moore, from Dave Gibbons to Matt Wagner -- and many more. Over two hours of raw, uncut and uncensored video that takes a look at what really goes on behind the scenes in the world of comics!

    • Watch Frank Miller tear into the industry in what is now his infamous keynote address at the 2001 Harvey Awards.
    • Hear Dave Sim discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing.
    • Endure what is quite possibly the most powerful and emotional interview given by A Distant Soil creator Colleen Doran.
    • See Joe Quesada tell about the origins of Marvel Knights from the roof of Marvel Comics.
    • Thrill to Matt Wagner talk about the horrors of having a personal stalker.
    • See Evan Dorkin and Dean Haspiel discuss the pros and cons of doing conventions.

    All this plus the original fifteen-minute preview of the film Scenes From The Small Press: The Road to SPX that was shown at several comic conventions over the past year. Cover art by Carla Speed McNeil.

  • Genres: Documentary, interview
  • Future plans: Additional DVD volumes are planned in the future, featuring even more behind-the-scenes footage.

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Devilboy In The Land Of Love

By Steven Vincent
112 pages, Black and White, Squarebound, 6" x 9"
$11.99 Retail Price, [G] discount, mature readers

  • Description: "Odd Tails for Peculiar Children". A series of short, humorous rhyming stories, darkly illustrated in all their gory detail. Very reminiscent of Roman Dirge's Something at the Window is Scratching and Monsters in My Tummy, as well as Edward Gorey's Ghastly Crumb Tinies. This book is a collection of his first three books - "The Boy Who Ate the World", "The Old Woman in the Show", and "Devilboy in the Land of Love".

  • Genres: goth, humor.
  • Future plans: Steven Vincent is also working on a second collection called The Stopping of Harold, plus a quarterly comic book series Crap, and is also producing Fun Ways to Kill Your Children volume 1.
  • For more information: Visit Steven Vincent's web site.

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Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles Trade Paperback vol. 1

By Neil Swaab
80 pages, Black and White, Squarebound, Color cover
$12.95 Retail Price, [G] discount, mature readers

  • Description: Collecting the first 140 comic strips of everyone's favorite pill-popping, trash-talking, living-room defecating teddy bear -- Mr. Wiggles! This 80-page bundle of pure bliss collects all your favorite Mr. Wiggles strips that have appeared in such illustrious venues as The Daily Orange, The NY Press, Real Detroit Weekly, The Prague Pill, Gear Magazine and Basta 2003, as well as online. Representing a skewed humor that is just left of center, slightly over the top, and dangerously close to the edge, Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles is a must-have for the alternative comics enthusiast with a sick sense of humor. Neil Swaab has recently been voted by Print Magazine as one of the top 20 illustrators under the age of thirty in print today.

  • Genres: Humor, comic strips.
  • Future plans: Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles runs weekly in print and on the web through various publications. There will be a new collection in the future, and Neil Swaab is also a contributor to the upcoming second volume of Legal Action Comics.
  • For more information: Visit Neil Swaab's web site.

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Looking at the Front Door

By Sean McKeever and Tom Williams
16 pages, Black and White, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2", Color cover
$3.00 Retail Price, [G] discount, mature readers

  • Description: You ever wake up one day to find yourself in a stifling relationship with a bitter, spiteful partner? That's the situation Jimmy's in right now. But behind those dopey, dead eyes, Jimmy's scheming to make a run for it. Can he summon the strength to do it, or is it too late? Written by Sean McKeever (The Waiting Place, The Tower, Sentinel) and illustrated by Tom Williams (winner of Dave Sim's second annual Day Prize). Published by Signal Comics.

  • Genres: Mature drama (contains strong language)
  • Future plans: Signal Comics was created as an outlet for McKeever, a resident of Columbus Ohio, to produce stand-alone works with local talent. McKeever hopes to produce more high-quality mini-comics under the Signal Comics banner in the future.
  • For more information: Visit the Signal Comics web site.

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Blanche the Baby Killer #0

By Songgu Kwon and Bong's Quality Meats
72 pages, Black and White, standard comics format, squarebound
$4.95 Retail Price, [G] discount, mature readers

  • Description: The membrane between hell and the reality of a nightmare world has begun to wear thin. At th epicenter of this insidious global phenomenon, Blanche is forced to make a drastic career change. Xeric Grant Winner. Published by Bong's Quality Meats. Cold Cut recommends this book to fans of Enki Bilal's Dormant Beast, Paul Pope, or the movie Dark City.

  • Genres: Adventure, horror
  • Future plans: Tentatively scheduled as a bimonthly series.

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Doug Deever, Dumpster Diver

By Russ Kazmierczak and K.O. Comix
32 pages, Brown and white interiors with color cover, 7" x 10"
$4.00 Retail Price, [F] discount

  • Description: America is one of the most wasteful countries in the world, from its unrecycled its children. Discarded by his mother and seemingly by society, Doug Deever embarks on a mission to recycle the city's lost souls...and to salvage himself. Jamaica Dyer of writes, "Doug Deever gave me new topics for discussion when hanging around with friends...this is just a great book, both for its art and for the story it has to tell." Sidra Roberts of writes, "It's quirky, fun to read, and actually very easy to relate to."

  • Genres: Slice-of-life, dark comedy
  • Future plans: This is a one-shot comic book, but there are follow-up short stories planned in the future. K.O. Comix is working on a new project in the same style titled Big Foot Falls.
  • For more information: Visit the K.O. Comix web site.

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Aprendiz: The True Story of a New York Tattoo Apprentice

By Adam Suerte
24 pages, Black and White, Matte-Finish Cover, 7" x 8 1/2"
$3.95 Retail Price, [G] discount, mature readers

  • Description: The first of five books illustrating a journal Adam Suerte kept while apprenticing at a tattoo shop in New York in the late nineties. It gives an inside look at the trials and tribulations of what it takes to learn the art of tattooing in a stylized, humorous manner. The first book gives the reader Suerte's background, introduces them to the "masters" he learned from. Suerte's work reflects his past as a grafitti writer, lover of psychedelic posters, his background in illustration and love of the drink. Published by Urban Folk Art of Brooklyn. Adam Suerte has been making underground comics for over a decade. Known for his limited edition punk-styled xerox comics, his work has been seen in Bogus Dead. David Alan Doane of Comic Book Galaxy says "his artwork reminded me of Rick Geary, who I learned was an influence on Suerte...[he] also cites Rick Griffin, Charles Burns, Jim Woodring and Dave Cooper -- and has used all those influences to create a comic that is graphically pretty wild in spots, but which never loses the narrative or becomes confusing."

  • Genres: Self-effacing autobiographical humor
  • Future plans: A second book is in the works, and is planned to be released at the second annual MOCCA festival in New York in June 2003.
  • For more information: Visit Adam Suerte's web site.

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A Monk's Tale #1

By Konsequential Studios
32 pages, sepia-toned, standard comic format with cardstock cover
$2.25 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: Set in ancient China, A Monk's Tale follows the journeys of three young monks leaving their monastery for the first time, and the troubles they encounter in a corrupt land. If you enjoyed Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon or Once Upon A Time in China, then this is a must read! Four-issue miniseries. Written and drawn by Laurie Breitkreuz and Kandrix Foong. J.C. Vaughn of Overstreet Price Guide writes, "With clean, fluid visuals and a strong sense of identity, A Monk's Tale is a fun, compelling read. I suspect we'll hear more of it and its creators in the years to come."

  • Genres: Action-adventure, martial arts
  • Future plans: Four-issue miniseries
  • For more information: Visit the Konsequential Studios web site.

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Ornithopter Annual vol. 1

By 8-Eye Press
52 high-quality 'satin' pages, black and white with color cover, 8 1/2" x 11"
$8.00 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: Named after Leonardo da Vinci's design for a flying machine, Ornithopter represents visions ahead of its time. Ornithopter Annual is an art and comics showcase with work from the sci-fi, fantasy, fine-art, digital and commercial illustration genres. The spectrum of artists ranges from underground to the internationally recognized. Catch how these artists have contributed to the comics theme in this impressive new annual. Recommended for fans of Spectrum, Blab and Lolabrigida. Contributors include: Greg Spalenka, Rick Berry, Henrik Drescher, Miran Kim, Michele Gold, Michelle Barns, Brad Weinman, Rob Jacobs, Scott E. Anderson, Roxana Villa, Dana Collins, Dan Cram Olsen, Lark Pien, Miko Peru-Davis, Rocket Mortenson. Cover artist Rick Spalenka has created work for the Sandman galleries comic issues and card sets as well as being in Tales from the Edge. Also featuring Rick Berry (Double Memory and Repent and Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman), Miran Kim (The Fallen, X-Files), and Lark Pien (Long Tail Kitty).

  • Genres: Anthology, illustration
  • Future plans: First issue of an ongoing series of annuals.
  • For more information: Visit the 8-Eye Press web site.

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Look Away

By Hippiehop Productions
96 pages, full color, squarebound, 8" x 4"
$11.95 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: In this photosynthetic adventure, created entirely from computer manipulated photos, our hero creates fractalized weaponry designed to make everyone see the world in a new way. He teaches them to "look away" from their everyday existence and to see another side of the big picture. Steven Grant of Permanent Damage writes, "I've been having a lot of discussions lately about formats and comics - formats in new comics should be planned to fit the content and not the other way around. A good example of what I have in mind is Look Away, a slender, beautifully-manipulated photo-comic that measures 4"x8", and compares favorably to the work of Dave McKean."

  • Genres: science fiction
  • Future plans: Hippiehop Productions is currently working on several e-comics for their website as well as for Modern Tales Longplay. The artist is also working on a minicomic The Book of Revelation, plus a graphic novel with Ashley Brookens, about a pint-sized grafitti artist, expected out later this year.
  • For more information: Visit the Hippiehop web site.

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Cinema Sewer #11

By Mind's Eye Comics
40 pages, black and white with color cover, standard comics format
$4.00 Retail Price, [F] discount, adults only

  • Description: "The Movie Journal of the Odd and Extreme" with over-the-top looks at the more unusual offerings from the annals of exploitation, porn, and horror movie history. Editor and chief contributor Robin Bougie has put a heavy emphasis on the personal approach to film journalism, fililng every page with densely-packed info, opinions and illustrations. This issue is the all-horror issue, and makes for fascinating bathroom reading with topics such as snuff films, rape-revenge films, and the annual Cinemuerte Horror Film Festival, and horror-related porn classics. Contributors include Rebecca Dark, Sean MacLaggan, Paul Carter, Keir LaJannise, Sam Mackinlay, Casey Scott, Robin Bougie.

  • Genres: Adults-only cult movie magazine
  • Special notes: Cover artist Rebecca Dark is a professional animator (Mission Hill, Ned's Newt) and has also appeared in books such as Action Girl Comics, Rare Bit Fiends, and Rabbithead.
  • Future plans: Cinema Sewer is published like clockwork every four months.

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Cryptic Wit

By Gerald Jablonski
40 pages, black and white with color cover, standard comic format
$3.00 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: A collection of absurd one-page strips -- each page is dense with intricate illustrations and crazy recurring storylines. There are lots of puns and plenty of sarcasm along with some wordless head trips. Many of the stories are convoluted and complicated conversations between two characters, while others detail in the conflicts between farm animals. The distinctive artwork and intelligent writing make this a most unusual experience. Gerald Jablonski is a Xeric Grant recipient, and has been creating comic books for the past thirty years. While this is his first self-published work, his strips have appeared in publications such as Snarf, Buzzard, Tantalizing Stories, Heavy Metal, Real Stuff, Arcade, and the Empty Skull miniseries from Fantagraphics (which is a stand-alone collection of his earlier work). Jablonski's artwork can most recently be seen in the Comics Journal Winter 2003 Special.

  • Genres: Alternative humor
  • Future plans: This is a one-shot comic.

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Panda Days #1

By Scattered Comics and Jason Dube
16 pages, black and white with color cover, standard comics format
$3.00 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: The newest Scattered series Panda Days is just how it sounds -- light-hearted, adorable, cute and loads of fun! The best way to describe this new fun-filled ride is a mix between Hello Kitty and Twin Peaks. Filled with scandalous love triangles, guy-hungry girls, a mocha-wired scientist, vampire waiters, and battles with imaginary ninjas in your boxers. Panda is a cute, short-haired girl who just wants to live a fun-filled life, but how can she when she is constantly being tormented by evil ninjas? The only one who can possibly believe her just happens to be drawing her in his own comic book from his dreams. These two, along with dozens of other colorful characters, all live in a world where nobody ages past fifteen years old, but still deals with the everyday struggles of life. Written and drawn by Jason Dube. Cold Cut recommends this book for fans of Tea Club and Reality Check.

  • Genres: Humor, manga, slice-of-life
  • Future plans: Tentatively planned as a continuing series in 2003.

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Oddgod #1

By Oddgod Press
40 pages, black and white, standard comics format, color cover
$3.95 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: They're scrappy, desperate and hungry for love! The gang at Oddgod Press reveals their deeper side with stories of love, regret, and the meaning of life. Not really...but there are a number of monsters, dudes with guns ,and several high-quality explosions. Fine entertainment for the whole family. Note that issue #2 is being offered through Diamond, but issue #1 is not. Contributors include: James Callahan, Jesse Bausch, Forrest Young, Patrick Godfrey, Joel Priddy (Pulpatoon Pilgrimage), Russel Paulette, Reilly Brown.

  • Genres: Anthology
  • Future plans: Oddgod is a continuing series, with issue #2 being offered through Diamond in April 2003 (Diamond has never offered #1)

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Paean #1

By Slime Mold Publishing
48 pages, partial color, 8" x 5 1/2"
$6.00 Retail Price, [F] discount

  • Description: Cutting edge anthology of short stories and artwork by several up-and-coming artists! Paean stretches the boundaries of creative storytelling, featuring thought-provoking tales, autobiographical vignettes, mind-bending artwork or starkly-drawn characters - no two stories are alike! Contributors include: Patrick Theaker, Maris Wicks, Tim Swope, Matt Leines, Allison Cole, Robin Carlson, Cybele Collins, Joe Quinones, Matt Westervelt, Lindy Groening, Adam Sacks, Matt Wagner. Cold Cut recommends this book to fans of Non, Kramer's Ergot, and Monkeysuit.

  • Genres: Anthology, alternative
  • Future plans: A second issue is planned for later in 2003.

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Songs for the New American Depression vol 3

By Dave Morello and Unredcomicbooks
74 pages, black and white, squarebound, 10 1/2" x 7"
$11.95 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: Independent, original, and cutting-edge, Songs combines a unique artistic vision and surreal storytelling to translate early American folk and blues songs into comic book format. Songs contains four stories about the things that matter the most: love, death, and war. Influenced by Eric Larsen, Trencher, Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Radiohead and Bladerunner. A comic book so bizarre, you'll have to read it twice! Available in select Boston area shops, Songs has received positive feedback from readers through retailers and in conventions in Boston and Maine.

  • Genres: Crime, love, death and war
  • Future plans: Dave Morello is releasing a new, self-contained comic-novel every three months, look for upcoming unredcomicbooks: Reboot, Vampire Blues and Alone Walked Tenskwatwa
  • For more information: Visit the unredcomicbooks web site.

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Fractured Kisses #2

By Moonation Comics
64 pages, black and white with color cover, standard comics format
$4.00 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: A killer shows a suicidal woman the true meaning of life, and two sisters realize just how similar they really are when they meet the guy of their dreams. All this, plus much more is packed into the pages of Fractured Kisses #2! Annually-released shojo-style anthology presents original tales of drama and romance, in the "American manga" style, recommended for readers of Animerica Extra, GTO and Peach Girl. Contributors include Gina Biggs, Robin Sobolewski, Karissa Gussman, Grace Ho. Please note that Fractured Kisses #2 will be available through Diamond Distribution in May 2003 (one month after Cold Cut).

  • Genres: manga-style, romance
  • Special notes: Special guest artist Grace Ho is from Umbrella Studios. Tammy Lee of Sequential Tart writes, "Overall, I was quite pleased with Fractured Kisses and would recommend it to anyone interested in shoujo comics." Moonation Comics is also the publisher of Prophesy of Destiny.
  • For more information: Visit the Moonation Comics web site.

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Fractured Kisses #1 - Re-Offered

By Moonation Comics
48 pages, black and white with color cover, standard comics format
$4.00 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: Shojo-style anthology series with dramatic and romantic stories from Moonation Comics (Prophesy of Destiny). By Gina Biggs and Robin Sobolewski. Please note that this item is being "re-offered" -- it has been available through Cold Cut Distribution since early 2002. Retailers who are ordering copies of Fractured Kisses #2 are recommended to also order some copies of the first issue as well. Please note that this book will be offered through Diamond in May 2003 (later than Cold Cut).

  • Genres: manga-style, romance
  • For more information: Visit the Moonation Comics web site.

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Sugar Free Days #3

By Cole Johnson and Sleepover Comics
32 pages, black and white with color cover, standard comics format
$3.50 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: Featuring the first chapter of "Run Away With Me", a graphic novel spanning the next four issues of the comic series. William and Tracy are two recently deceased young people coming to terms with their newfound status as wandering spirits. Comic relief provided courtesy of Charles, a more experienced old soul that prefers his spirits distilled. Published by Sleepover Comics. Cold Cut recommends this comic for readers who regularly buy Highwater Books or Top Shelf Comics. Please note that issues #1 and #2 of this series are photocopied minicomics that are not available through Cold Cut.

  • Genres: Light humor, drama
  • Future plans: The story continues in the next three issues of the comic series.
  • For more information: Visit the Sleepover Comics web site

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Amy Unbounded Mini-Comics Pack

By Rachel Hartman
6 minicomics, 20-28 pages each, Black and white, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
$8.00 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: If you enjoyed Amy's Adventures in "Belondweg Blossoming", you won't want to miss her early escapades. Each minicomic in this pack is a self-contained story, filled with quirkiness and humor. Join Amy as she meets Lalo, makes too much noise, drinks tea for the first time, sings silly songs, and fails to fall in love. This set is a great introduction to the series, without the hassle of finding the minicomic issues individually. This pack contains issues #1-6 of the original series (which were not printed in the trade paperback). Xeric Grant recipient, Ignatz Award winner for Best Minicomic. Publisher's Weekly calls her work "deliciously imaginative".

  • Genres: fantasy, all-ages
  • For more information: Visit the Amy Unbounded web site

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Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming
Trade Paperback - Re-Offered

By Rachel Hartman
Black and white with color cover, squarebound
$16.95 Retail Price, [G] discount

  • Description: A light-hearted medieval fantasy that follows the everyday life of young Amy in a small farming village. Xeric Grant recipient, and winner of Ignatz Award for best minicomic! This graphic novel collects issues #7-12 of the original miniseries. Please note that this is the only item in the Channel X catalog which has previously been offered through Diamond. This trade paperback is a "re-offered" item, which has been available through Cold Cut since mid-2002.

  • Genres: fantasy, all-ages
  • For more information: Visit the Amy Unbounded web site


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