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What Is Cold Cut?

Cold Cut Distribution is the industry's leading reorder distributor for quality independent comics. We sell direct to retailers in wholesale quantities at competitive reorder rates, keeping runs and back issues of quality independent comics available to retailers as long as we can.

Usually, we can keep a book in stock for as long as it's in print from the publisher. Publishers who regularly reprint their books (such as Slave Labor) we can keep available forever. Publishers who publish some overruns, but by and large let their issues go out of print (such as Sirius), we keep available as long as we can.

We are not in the business of "guessing what will be hot". We don't buy thousands of copies of a "hot book" and hoard them in hopes of making more money. We keep reasonable quantities in stock so retailers can order from us and get them at a moment's notice. We generally don't mark up prices as books become hot, and we don't hoard or overstock on items. If a book becomes incredibly popular in a short time (like, for instance, Pokemon #1 did), we sell out in a few weeks, and though we try to restock from the publisher, it may not always be possible.

Cold Cut And Fans

Cold Cut does not sell direct to fans; we sell to retailers around the country. We don't publish a consumer catalog (like Diamond's "Previews"). Our occasional catalog, the Cold Cut Bulletin, is for retailers only.

If you'd like to purchase any of the comics you see listed here on our web site, contact your local retailer and have them get in touch with us. Our minimum retailer order is only $25 retail value, so there should be no reason your retailer can't place an order for you, and make some profit on your sale.

Plus, introducing your retailer to the world of independent comics can open their eyes to the realm of possibilities in sales of indy comics. If you can convince your retailer to not only order the books you want, but to also try a few copies of other indies to put on the shelf, you've just broadened the market in two ways:

  • You've put more copies of more independent comics out into the marketplace where fans can see them, read them, and buy them - thus spawning more fans!
  • You've made your retailer aware that independents are not an "unsellable wasteland" and that money can be made by purchasing and stocking the right kind of independent comics.

What are the "right kind" of indies, you ask? We here at Cold Cut are specialists in finding what will sell on a store's shelves. Have them try copies of "I Feel Sick" or "Knights of the Dinner Table" for highest crossover potential with current comic book readers. If the retailer wants to try selling to moms, dads, and other "civilians" who walk by, have them carry the "Simpsons" or "Strangers in Paradise" or "Stray Bullets" or "From Hell". If they want to appeal to a younger crowd, have them buy issues of "Pokemon" or "Sailor Moon", or try issues of "Amy Unbounded" or "Akiko".

One of the best things you can do as a fan to help support your favorite indies is to get your retailer to stock them - and not just your favorite book, but the other key independents which are consistently top-sellers. Suggest that they look at the Statistics page in a Cold Cut Bulletin to see what's selling, so they can choose the top five books if they want to proceed cautiously.

You can have us send them a Cold Cut Bulletin if you just with the store name, address, and phone number.

The Cold Cut Bulletin

The Cold Cut Bulletin is issued about every 4-6 months and features a thumbnail description of every title we have in stock. In the past, the Bulletin also used to include reviews of independent titles (we now do briefer reviews on our weekly retailer updates instead)

Our older reviews were in-depth, with art samples, writing and art reviews, suggestions as to what type of audience would find the book appealing, and more. Take a look at the compilation of all of the reviews from the past eight years of Cold Cut Bulletins and check out titles you may have never thought of before.

Some of the online reviews contain art samples, some do not -- unfortunately, when we scan the tiny full-page samples which we print in the Bulletin, they don't turn out well on the screen (due to the low resolution of typical computer monitors). We've gone ahead and done special scans of selected panels on many of the reviews as a replacement for the pages, though.

Want More Info?

If you'd like more specific information about anything we do here at Cold Cut, just and we'll get back to you. Thanks for stopping by!

This site is maintained by . Drop him a note if you see something you like, or something you'd like improved.

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