Indy Island - Pictures

I took my camera with me down to San Diego and managed to get a few pictures of what Indy Island was like in its inaugural year!

This was the booth when we were about halfway done setting it up on Tuesday. The exhibit hall is fairly empty during Expo setup, as you can see -- mainly construction people and heavy equipment.

A shot of the booth on the first day of the Comic-Con shows Jon "Bean" Hastings (creator of Smith Brown Jones) stopping by the Island to visit with Jim Ottaviani (Dignifying Science) and Linda Medley (Castle Waiting). To the right, Cold Cut co-owner Tim Stroup relaxes behind the main cash register table. Hanging on the front of that table are the two Indy Island T-Shirts we offered at the show, in "faded island green" and "sun-baked parchment" colors.

This is a view from the mezzanine down onto the main convention floor. Since the con hall is so big, I couldn't get too close (even with my 3x zoom), but you can still see how busy it was (this was Friday around lunch), and how the Island stood out in the center of the independent publishers area. The big red-and-white wall wasn't part of our booth; it was actually a booth behind us.

You can still make out John Kovalic in this picture: he's the big guy in the white shirt right beneath the Island sign (in front of his own Dork Storm circle-logo). You can tell from this picture that Oni was right next to us, as well -- another opportune pairing.

The owners of Cold Cut Distribution, Tim Stroup and Mark Thompson, pose beneath the main Island sign. Notice Mark's jaunty Hawaiian shirt - and yes, he is holding a banana.
A fan (left, back to camera) stops to talk to Jim Ottaviani (middle), creator of Two-Fisted Science and Dignifying Science, and Linda Medley (right), creator of Castle Waiting, about their books.

In the lower right of the photo, you can see one of our marketing ideas which worked very well - we had baskets of free "Indy Island Passports" available at all corners, for fans to pick up and follow to all the tables at the Island.

Mark Oakley of Thieves & Kings works on a sketch while fans admire his work. On the table, Mark is displaying the three trade paperbacks he's already published; behind him is a triptych promoting the upcoming volume 4 collection.
Mike and Carla Speed McNeil work their table at the Island, promoting their books, Finder and Mystery Date, from Lightspeed Press. Note the grass skirting for the table - very tropical island-ish, no? On the far right you can see Douglas Paszkiewicz (see next photo).
Next to Carla was Douglas Paszkiewicz, creator and publisher of Arsenic Lullaby from his own company, "A Silent Comics". Doug brought his own stark-black backdrop to go with the black humor in his offbeat comedy book.
One corner of the Island featured Dork Storm Press, home of John Kovalic's Dork Tower and Aaron Williams' Nodwick. They both sold and promoted their books, as well as their funny line of related T-shirts.
Alex Robinson, creator of Box Office Poison, and Kristen Siebacker sit behind the Box Office Poison table at the Island.
Greg Beettam, co-creator of Xeno's Arrow, gets into the Island spirit (wearing a lei) as he prepares to do a sketch for a fan.
Two of our friendly Island inhabitants, Gil and Jack Armendariz (both Cold Cut employees), man the main register at the Island.
Looking at the register table - the people in front of us are heading to the cash register on the right.
Carla Speed McNeil looks over a fan's sketches at her Finder table.