Indy Island - Participants for 2002

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Publisher Creators Appearing At The Island Comics
Cold Cut Distribution Mark Thompson & Tim Stroup & Matthew High & John Orloff & Co.
Cold Cut Bulletin
A Fine Line Press Donna Barr
Stinz, Desert Peach, Bosom Enemies, etc
Chi Comics Jen Feinberg & Todd Meister
Little Scrowlie
Christopher Reeve Christopher Reeve
Nothing's The Matter
Cryptic Press John Green & Dave Roman
Quicken Forbidden
Funnypages Press Tom Bancroft & Greg Hardin
Opposite Forces & Hubie
G.T. Labs Jim Ottaviani
Fallout, Two-Fisted Science, Dignifying Science
Lightspeed Press Carla Speed McNeil
Finder, Mystery Date
Pug House Press Rachel Hartman
Amy Unbounded
Renaissance Press Michael Cohen & Jimmy Gownley
Amelia Rules & Forbidden Book
Sick Mind Press Wally Crane
Solo Graphics Roberta Gregory
Naughty Bits, Artistic Licentiousness, etc.