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  Cold Cut Distribution is the industry's leading reorder distributor for quality independent comics. We are the only distributor to actually stock individual issues of independent comics, making them available to retailers at a moment's notice. It's our large selection and prompt order turnaround that makes us attractive to retailers, and keeps your books selling through us.

Why You Should Offer Your Books Through Cold Cut

As the only distributor offering in stock back issues of independents, Cold Cut has become known for promoting and marketing independents. Our catalog reaches only the most independent-friendly retailers, about 700 stores at last count. About half of them order from us on a regular basis.

It's usually hard for a retailer to build up an order big enough to go directly to a publisher. The "40 and 5" program was a great start, but many retailers feel that 40% discount isn't enough, or that 5 copies isn't enough to make it worth their time. Still others are simply too busy to be ordering from dozens or hundreds of different publishers. Cold Cut acts as a "one-stop shop" for retailers, providing thousands of books from hundreds of publishers all under one roof.

With a catalog featuring only independents, reaching stores who are independent-friendly, your books have a higher profile in a Cold Cut catalog than any other industry publication. With incredibly inexpensive advertising, you can provide a spotlight on your own books and reach a focused audience easily.

We also send out a Weekly Email/Fax Update to retailers to let them know what is new in stock, out of stock, and no longer available. We always highlight new books that we just got in that are available no where else.

How To Apply To Be Carried by Cold Cut

First, we mainly carry professionally printed comic books and have now expanded into mini-comics. We don't carry fanzines or APAs. We found there was too much good stuff being done in different formats that we did not want to pass up. A great place for more information on mini-comics is over at Zinebook.Com, and in particular their Distribution Realities Page, where a zine publisher gives names, addresses, and his experience with a number of distributors. Zinebook's whole site at zinebook.com is very interesting reading, as well.

More good information for begining publishers can be found at Creating Comics: Self-Publishing Resources. You can get a list of Indy Friendly Stores from Jeff Mason. There are two printers that we are aware of that will do very small print runs (20-100 copies): Udo Printing and All-Ages Comic Book Printing. There might be more.

Since we are mainly a reorder distributor, not an advance distributor, we don't need solicitation material. We like to wait for your book until it is printed or almost printed.

Now that we are offering mini-comics, we have a new online catalog called Channel X. With this catalog, we try to gauge demand for a book by letting retailers place orders for a book before we have them in stock. As this is still in its early stages, contact our submissions director for details.

Send a sample copy of your book to Tim Stroup, our Submissions Director here at Cold Cut. He'll get back to you about our terms and conditions. Feel free to a follow up message a week or two after you have sent off your sample.

Unfortunately, the days are gone when we can afford to carry literally everything. While our policies are more liberal than Diamond's, and in particular we favor "alternative" comics which Diamond often can overlook, there are some comics we have trouble selling, such as superhero comics. Please feel free to send us a sample copy of any book you would like to distribute through us, but some books we must reluctantly decline to carry.

For books which we do decide to pick up, we will usually start with a very small order (like 10-20 copies) to gauge retailer interest. We no longer offer consignment terms due to the enormous paperwork involved.

You can send materials to Tim here at:

  Submissions Director
  Cold Cut Distribution
  220 N. Main St.
  Salinas  CA  93901
  phone: 831-751-7300
  fax:   831-751-1513
Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, but is closed on holidays.

The Cold Cut Bulletin

The Cold Cut Bulletin is issued 2-3 times a year and features a thumbnail description of every title we have in stock. If you'd like to provide your own title description, we'd appreciate it. Keep in mind the description is for your entire series, not for a single issue. Don't say "Jim & Tanya get together for a date", unless that will be the theme and description of your series as a whole. Also, keep the description as brief as possible, only a few sentences at most.

Each month's Bulletin also has news of the independent field, so send your press releases or announcements of upcoming products to us for use in our news section. We can't use everything you send, but we will look at it.

Advertising is available in each Bulletin at extremely reasonable rates. Each issue is mailed out to over 600 indy-minded retailers across the country and around the world, where your ad will be seen multiple times by the people you need to see it most.

Want More Info?

More specific topics, answering such questions as:
  • "Should I send you solicitations?"
  • "How should I ship my books to you?"
  • "How can I avoid damage?"
and more, can be found in our ever-growing Publisher Q & A section. Stop on by and check it out before shipping us comics.

If you'd like more specific information about any of these topics, or anything else about how we do business here at Cold Cut, just and we'll get back to you. Or, you can call us during regular business hours, at the phone number listed above.

This site is maintained by . Drop him a note if you see something you like, or something you'd like improved.

Cold Cut Distribution - 220 N. Main St. - Salinas, CA 93901 - (831) 751-7300

Last update: August 12, 2003