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Publisher Frequently Asked Questions


Cold Cut is not an advance order distributor. That is, unlike Diamond, we do not publish a catalog of "upcoming releases" and compile stores' orders to add to your print run. We are a reorder distributor. We publish an irregular catalog listing everything we have available in our warehouse, and ship books to stores within 2-3 days after they order.

Therefore, your solicitation material is not used in our catalog until quantities of your book are in our warehouse. Our deadline for each month's catalog is generally the first day of the month prior to the catalog month. (For example, the deadline for the December catalog is November 1).

Although we usually don't order directly from solicitations, we do like to receive them, since they keep us informed about what is being published and when, as well as provide a source of "upcoming comics" news for our catalog. Please do send us solicitations if you can. The more we know about your books, the more we can do to help sell them.

But since we are a reorder distributor, we take no advance orders from retailers, so we generally don't place advance orders ourselves on books unless we are sure they will sustain steady reorder activity.

Artwork is always welcome with solicitations, and with merchandise (T-shirts, etc) it's essential. We scan in this art to use it in the catalog. If you have art available, please send it along with the solicitation. Our catalog is black and white on newsprint, so please don't send color art or heavy tones.


Cold Cut cannot accept books which are damaged beyond salability. We have to return them for credit or replacement.

To avoid damage and the associated paperwork headaches, please take every precaution when shipping your books to ensure that they arrive undamaged here at our warehouse. Having years of experience in shipping books to stores with a nearly damage-free record, we have some suggestions on how to achieve this:

If your book is printed or stored at Quebecor,

Cold Cut has a weekly pallet shipped from Quebecor to our warehouse; books which arrive via this pallet arrive virtually damage-free. Simply tell Quebecor to ship the quantity we ordered to us, and they will automatically put it on the pallet -- no extra work required.

If you drop ship directly from a printer

(that is, if you have your books shipped directly from Brenner/Morgan/wherever to us here at Cold Cut), ask them to please double-box all comics. (Note this does NOT apply to comics shipped from Quebecor -- see above). There is some small extra charge associated with this service, but it is much less than insuring the shipment and it usually results in good-condition books being received.

Double boxing prevents nearly all damage from occurring. Our experience seems to suggest that printers do an excellent job of double boxing - but they often simply forget to double box in the first place, regardless of your request. Try to remind them.

If you ship the books yourself,

please follow these guidelines to prevent damage:

Following these guidelines will greatly decrease your shipping damage, both for us and for anyone else to whom you ship books.


The best way to bill us for your books is to mail the invoice separately to our warehouse. Invoices which arrive that way are entered into our Accounts Payable system, checked against incoming books, and paid on a regular basis.

If you decide to instead include your invoice with your books, please mark clearly that it is an invoice. Usually, sheets included in shipments are packing lists, which we check against but then discard.

Please indicate clearly on the invoice the total amount due, the due date, our PO number, and the name to which we should make checks payable. This simplifies our Accounts Payable system and reduces errors.

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