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Cold Cut Distribution is the industry's leading reorder distributor for small press and independent comic books and trade paperbacks. While other distributors may focus on only the newest and hottest comic book series and publishers, we attempt to carry a full line of all available books from over 200 different suppliers, keeping as broad a range of books in stock and available at all times.

Our sales reflect ongoing reorder sales at stores across the country. Sales on a title like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac continue to be incredibly strong despite the fact that the series ended almost a five years ago, and sales on series like Finder build as the title continues publication, bringing on new fans every issue. Note that these sales statistics reflect actual books shipped from Cold Cut to retailers.

Check out the monthly sales reports below, or find out what our various statistics mean.

Sales Statistics

March 2002

February 2002

January 2002

2002 Year to Date


The Meaning Of Our Charts

The various sales charts compiled here at Cold Cut are an attempt to measure comics with continuing popularity, presumably with new readers. Our charts are not based on dollar amount, but on unit sales, so a Trade Paperback counts the same as a single issue. Each is effectively representing a sale of that title to a single customer, regardless of the size of the book.

All charts take into account only actual shipped product which was ordered in that month; orders which went unfilled are not counted, regardless of whether they went unfilled due to the book going out of print or Cold Cut being out of stock. Also, the charts cover orders placed in a given month (or months), regardless of when they shipped.

The charts we compile regularly include:

From time to time, we may compile and present other statistics; these will be described when they appear.

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