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Every Monday, Cold Cut sends out a weekly e-mail update free to all retailers who sign up on our mailing list. This regular listing shows what's new on our shelves, what's temporarily out of stock, and other news about what's hot and what's moving at Cold Cut! If you're a retailer, if you'd like to be added to our email list!
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This week's update:

January 10, 2005:

Cold Cut Distribution Update for the week of January 10, 2005


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Note:  All of the items in this email message are in stock and available as
of the date of this email.  However, some of these items may sell out before 
too long - if you have questions about the availability of any item, 
please contact Cold Cut.



There are hundreds of new small-press comic books published each year
-- and there's never enough time to review them all.  How are you going to sort of
the good from the bad?  Well, we've done some of the hard work for you.  Here is a
list of ten comics you should have in your store.  All of these comic books are
recommended by Cold Cut, and we suggest that you strongly consider giving these books
a try.
None of these books have been offered through Diamond Distribution, and most of them
are only available through Cold Cut!  Give us a call today and try some of the best
that the world of independent comics has to offer!



John Allison's Scary Go Round has become one of the most popular and widely read
comic strips on the internet.  And now, Scary Go Round is available in trade
paperback format, in full color.  This is not a simple gag-a-day type of comic strip,
but rather a long-running, serialized story, featuring the not-so-real-life
adventures of a group of friends, with a distinctly British tongue-in-cheek sense of
humour.  Definitely worth a look, and strongly recommended by Cold Cut.
Two squarebound full-color trade paperback collections are available
-- the first, "Looks, Brains and Everything" is a feature-length 128-page story,
following the travails of "Zombie Shelley", and the second, "Blame the Sky", clocks
in at a whopping 264 pages with a full year's-worth of stories.  For retailers who
just want to get a small taste of Scary Go Round without spending the big bucks, give
"Girl Spy" a try - a 28-page full-color comic about Fallon Young, the supersexy
superspy who's after the Crime Pope!  And for fans of the series, we also offer
"Scary-o-Deleria", a 44-page hand-drawn comic that has never (and will never) be
available online.
To find out more about Scary Go Round, including tons and tons of online strips,
please visit http://www.scarygoround.com
Scary Go Round
"Looks Brains and Everything" TPB............[B]	14.95
"Blame the Sky" TPB..........................[B]	18.95
Girl Spy!....................................[B]	3.95
Scary-o-Deleria..............................[B]	3.95



"Zombie Bunnies!  Eating brains!!!"  There has been a recent revival of zombies
recently (er, excuse the pun, please), with the success of the dark "28 Days Later",
the remake of "Dawn of the Dead", and the humorous flick "Shaun of the Dead".  But
who would have ever thought that the most powerful of Zombie Overlords actually lives
in the body of a cute, little decomposing bunny?  Joe is tired of pets that get run
over and die, so he goes to the pound and adopts a bunny.  But, unknown to him, this
bunny is actually infected with a vicious zombie virus that ravaged the world years
ago (and was quietly covered up, never to be talked about again).  As the virus
resurfaces once more, Joe is offered a choice -- join with the zombies or suffer a
much crueler fate!
Chronic Fatigue is a British artist who has written and illustrated two, three-issue
miniseries.  The first, "Mixy", is named after the cute zombie bunny that was adopted
by Joe, as Joe is forced to decide whether he sides with the forces of good or evil. 
The second series, "Our World", picks up months later as the world has been ravaged
by the zombie virus once again, and Joe joins a small band of humans as they fend off
the zombie hordes.  Darkly gothic yet humorous at the same time, Chronic Fatigue's
work should appeal to fans of Roman Dirge (Lenore), Alex Pardee (My Book of Colors)
and Writhe and Shine.
To find out more about Mixy and Our World, including sample artwork, please visit
Chronic Fatigue
Mixy #1-3....................................[B]	3.95
Our World #1 and #2..........................[B]	3.95



In the 1980's, civil war erupted in the central African country of Sudan, and armies
marched across the land, destroying entire villages in their wake.  Countless
innocent civilians lost their lives in this tragedy (it is estimated close to 2
million in the past two decades), leaving tens of thousands of Sudanese youth
orphaned, running for their lives.  These young children, left to fend for
themselves, had to walk hundreds of miles across the continent to safety, and in the
end only a few thousand survived the journey.  These are the "Lost Boys of Sudan",
refugees who have seen the horror of war and genocide, now living in small
communities throughout the United States.
Most Americans know little or nothing about this tragedy, but now a new comic book
series helps to explain the plight of the Lost Boys, with short stories as seen
through the eyes of the refugees themselves.  The first issue of a planned 4-issue
series is now available, magazine-sized and 34 pages in length.  Part of the proceeds
go to help the Lost Boys -- this is an excellent educational comic book, which has
gained widespread media attention in Newsweek, PBS, MSNBC and more.
To find out more about Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan please read the following
excellent multi-page article that recently appeared in the Dallas Observer: 
Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan
issue #1.....................................[A]	4.95



Joshua Brand is a walking anachronism who calls himself a "Demon Hunter".  Sarah
Bently is a homicide detective trying to stop a serial killer with a penchant for
mutilation.  She may not believe in demons, but Joshua is now her last hope.  The
killer has chosen his next victim, and Sarah will do whatever it takes to stop the
crime before it happens.  "Killing Demons" is a self-contained, 88-page graphic novel
by Peter Siegel and Brent White, with a dark, moody story and artwork that will
appeal to readers of IDW's horror line of comics.  To find out more about "Killing
Demons", visit http://www.enginepress.com
Killing Demons
Trade Paperback..............................[A]	8.95



An "Ornithopter" was originally designed by Leonardo da Vinci, a mechanical flying
machine that was centuries ahead of its time. 
Showing respect towards the imagination and vision shown with the creation of this
idea, the Tucson-based group 8-Eye Press has created a new art magazine called
Ornithopter, to help provide a venue for exposure to visual artists who are talented,
yet overlooked. 
Borrowing from a large pool of artists in the fields of comics, fine art and
illustration, each issue of Ornithopter offers up an excellent selection of artwork
for the discriminating fan.
Three issues are now available.  Issue #6 features artist David Christiana, issue #7
features Duncan Fegredo and Black Olive, and the original Ornithopter Annual #1
features Greg Spalenka and Miran Kim. 
48 to 52 pages, magazine-sized, high production values.  For more information, visit
issue #6.....................................[B]	5.95
issue #7.....................................[B]	6.00
Annual #1....................................[B]	8.00



Cold Cut is always on the lookout for new and interesting goth comic books, and
here's one worth a second look.  David Correia's dark and disturbing illustrations
are available in a comic book -- 32 pages of "non-stop slippy, slappy, blood in my
hair, kick your mom in the nuts kind of fun!"  Recommended for fans of Alex Pardee's
"My Book of Numbers", or "Chimney 25" by Foo Swee Chin.  For more information, visit
Play With Knives
issue #1.....................................[A]	3.00



Putting a new face on comedy -- There's enough in here to offend just about anyone,
with such stories as "Hispanic Batman and Roberto", "Lone Wolf in Dreamland", "Doctor
Cowboy", "Godbots", and "The Mitzvah Four".  Royal Flush is awash in hard-hitting
humor for adults.  Very high production values, the first volume is 72 pages and
squarebound, and the second volume weighs in at 96 pages and comes with a CD
soundtrack.  Recommended for fans of Deep Fried, Lowest Common Denominator or Arsenic
Lullabies.  For more information, visit http://www.numberfoundation.com
Royal Flush
TPB vol. 1...................................[A]	8.95
TPB vol. 2...................................[A]	8.95



Set in a time past, almost forgotten, an escaped slave seeks to return to his native
homeland.  On his way, he accidentally comes across a mysterious religious community,
hidden deep in the desert. 
There, he is warmly welcomed, and makes a profound connection with its people, and
ultimately he plays a crucial role in their destiny. 
At first, this secret sect seems very strange and unnatural to his own beliefs, but
after some time he discovers they are not as different as he at first feared.  An
excellent one-shot comic book by Justin Hall, the creator of True Travel Tales, that
would appeal to readers of Chester Brown (Louis Riel) or Josh Neufeld (The
Vagabonds).  For more information, visit http://www.allthumbspress.com
A Sacred Text
issue #1.....................................[A]	3.95



Amazons, vamps, angels and space babes come to life in the bold new book from
Tigerize Publishing.  Tiger Lee takes you through a tour of how he creates his
digitally-enhanced erotic art, showing the individual elements of each composition,
as well as the finished artwork.  High quality squarebound volume, full-color artwork
on slick paper, that will fit in nicely with anything produced by SQP or Paper Tiger
Publishing.  For more information, visit http://www.digeroticart.com
Digerotic Art of Tiger Lee
Trade Paperback..............................[B]	19.95



The doctor amputates the wrong leg.  The nurse leaves a scalpel in your belly.  It
could never happen to you...or could it?  Wellbeing is not an option as Mauled takes
a look at true-to-life stories about some of the worst stories of doctors gone wrong
-- 16 short stories by several independent comic artists, great for aficionados of
the Darwin Awards.  For more information, visit http://www.manualcomics.com
issue #2: True Stories of Surgical Malpractice...[A]	3.75


All of the above books and comics are in stock and available for immediate shipment
from Cold Cut Distribution -- and none of them are available through Diamond!

But wait...there's plenty more where THAT came from!  Cold Cut carries several
hundred other books that you can't find anywhere else.  From well-known books such as
Tintin, Julius Knipl, and Get Fuzzy, to undiscovered gems such as Asylum Squad, Fuz,
Want to find out more?  Give us a call at 1-866-4-COLD-CUT and we will be happy to
provide you with recommendations.
You can also find out more with our Online Ordering System!  Once you have logged
into our Online Ordering System, just click on the "Not Available from Diamond" link
on the left-hand side of the page, to see everything we have to offer!


The regular Cold Cut Weekly Update will return next week on Tuesday, January 18th.

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